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Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch

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Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch

Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch

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Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch delivery man waving driving van

Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch


Phone Calls Aren’t Enough! Engage Customers with InAppTouch Chat


A carpenter applied for a job at a software company. When asked about his experience with computer programming, he replied, “Well, I’ve been hammering code for years!”.


Listen up, trades business owners! πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ In this digital age, customers expect multiple ways to connect with businesses. And while phone calls are still important, adding InAppTouch Group Chats alongside your existing phone number, car sign, and website can be a game-changer for your business.


Let me break it down for you:


The Power of Phone Numbers


πŸ€™ Convenience matters, right? Many people still prefer the good old phone call. So make it easy for them by prominently displaying your number at the top of each website page, on the on the back of your van, and in a contact section.


πŸ’₯ For urgent inquiries or those who just got to speak to someone, a clear phone number provides an immediate action point.


The Benefits of InAppTouch Chats


πŸ”₯ Go beyond basic phone calls! InAppTouch lets you connect with customers on their phones for real-time conversations. Answer questions, provide estimates, and schedule appointments all within the chat.


πŸ’° Create dedicated group chats for potential customers. Share project examples, offer consultations, and answer questions. This readily available information can turn website visitors or callers into paying clients.


πŸ”’ Reduce scams in your secure business chat group. Keeping your customers safe from scams is essential, especially within your secure business chat group.


🀝 Real-time communication fosters transparency and builds trust with potential customers. They experience your responsiveness and expertise firsthand.


But wait, there’s more!


Additional InAppTouch Benefits


InAppTouch offers additional features to enhance your mobile experience:


⚑ Ditch email forms! Connect directly with customers, answer questions, personalize support, and build relationships in real-time.


πŸ‘₯ Create a vibrant community where customers connect, share experiences, and become your brand advocates. Imagine a built-in fan club, accessible on their phones!


πŸ›’ Integrate InAppTouch seamlessly with your website. Customers can chat and purchase within the same window, creating a convenient one-stop shop.


πŸ“± By using InAppTouch’s free mobile app template, you can turn your group into your own app.


πŸ’»Broadcast announcements for wider reach or host real-time chats for personalized support. You can even mix and match to keep your audience informed and engaged.


Even more awesome InAppTouch benefits!


✨ Leverage InAppTouch’s free mobile app template to seamlessly convert your existing group chat into a dedicated app for your business.


πŸ‘₯ Multiple admins ensure fast response times and a spam-free environment.


πŸ”’ InAppTouch prioritizes security with one-way chat options that prevent spam and irrelevant messages.


⚑ InAppTouch integrates seamlessly, allowing features like chat-to-cart purchases and appointment booking all within the chat window.


πŸ’™ Build stronger bonds through real-time interaction and a mobile centric community.


πŸŽ‰ Offer your loyal customers a dedicated platform to interact with your brand, access exclusive content, and connect with each other – all within their pockets.


πŸ’Έ Make buying easier with in-chat purchases, optimized for the mobile user.


πŸ’° Provide efficient, real-time chat support, minimizing phone calls, SMS texts,Β  and emails.


πŸ“£ Empower happy customers to spread the word about your business through positive word-of-mouth, directly on their phones.


So, what are you waiting for? InAppTouch group chats can help you create a more engaging and profitable mobile experience. Don’t wait; start building your community today!


Build a thriving members-only community and boost sales with InAppTouch group chats. Our in-chat mobile app lets you easily connect with customers and drive business fast, all starting at $599.


* While some custom plugins or development work may be necessary to achieve a perfect fit for your website, we offer competitive pricing to ensure it’s an accessible option for most businesses. Our focus is on delivering exceptional value that will be hard to resist.

Boost Your Trades Business with InAppTouch


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In APP Touch, ditch the email chaos and scammy sms. Businesses can boost sales, slash costs, and delight customers with secure, targeted group messaging. Consumers can score exclusive deals and stay informed directly from their favorite brands. No spam, no scams, just trusted connections.



Do you need to integrate a chat feature into your business? We can help you implement it in In APP Touch.

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