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InAppTouch Plans and Prices

InAppTouch Plans and Prices

inapptouch online shopping app InAppTouch Plans and Prices

InAppTouch Plans and Prices


Tired of missed connections, SMS and email phishing scams, and garbled voicemails? Unlock the power of your private customer communities. Switch to InAppTouch for your business.


in app touch communication tools

Everyone is free to sign up, browse, and join any business groups. 


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InAppTouch Plans and Prices

Well-loved picks.

InAppTouch Plans and Prices

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InAppTouch Plans and Prices

InAppTouch Plans and Prices For Large Businesses


Fan the flames of loyalty as your dedicated customers co-pilot your brand’s journey, empowered by seamlessly integrated business tools and frictionless operations. Embed your essential business functions directly in the app, making it easy to schedule appointments, handle orders, and receive timely support, all within a familiar and centralized hub.

InAppTouch Plans and Prices

* Overflow Policy: If storage or message limits are reached, the oldest items will be automatically deleted to make space for new ones. If the plugin object limit is reached, you will no longer be able to create additional items unless you delete older items.

InAppTouch Plans and Pricesin app touch addons and prices InAppTouch Plans and Prices


InAppTouch Plans and Prices



Got an Idea

Got a game-changing idea for your business? Breathe life into it with our code-crafting mastery!

White Label Chat App

Tired of generic chat apps that don't match your brand? Need a white label chat app to publish under your brand? No problem, we can make it happen.

New In App Feature
From $699

Imagine this: add-on superpowers for your In App Touch customer community, built just for your business, starting at only $599! No more expensive, one-size-fits-all stuff. Just smart, targeted tools that boost your business like never before.

Payment Provider Integration
From $599

InAppTouch allows your customers to pay through various payment methods (integrated with most institutions) in groups or within the app.

Business Authenticity

Verify your business's authenticity and ensure your professional licenses are valid with our comprehensive yearly check. This will enable a checkmark display for your business groups, helping to stop phishing scams.

Integration Feature
From $999

Skip the costly, full-blown app development and bridge the gap between your existing systems and your In App Touch customer community. Imagine this: customer data from your CRM flowing effortlessly into your app, orders placed in your app automatically triggering updates in your inventory system, and personalized app experiences based on user data from your website.

Website Conversation
from $999

Do you dream of a seamless bridge between your website and your In App Touch customer community mobile app, where your customers effortlessly browse menus, place orders, and even have their meals delivered, all within a single, unified experience? We can help you make that vision a reality!

Easy Upgrade Pack

50 users, 500 messages, 1 group, 1 GB storage, 50 plugin objects, and 1 co-admin (customer service representative) added to your subscription. Price per year.

Storage Top up

1 GB storage added to your subscription. Price per year.

SMS Top up

100 SMS messages added to your subscription.

Group Top up

1 group added to your subscription. Price per year.

User Top up

50 users added to your subscription. Price per year.

Group Message Top up

500 messages added to your subscription. Price per year.

Co-Admin Top up

1 co-admin (customer service representative) added to your subscription. Price per year.

 InAppTouch Plans and Prices credit card processing fees


Credit Card Processing Fees and Commissions



We can help you integrate with your preferred banking institutions for making deposits and receiving payments in-app. Here are some popular Australian banking institutions our customers are using and their rates. Credit card processing fees are subject to change. Please check with the vendor for the latest pricing.


Is Apple Pay and Google Pay free for merchants in Australia?

InAppTouch supports and can integrate both Apple Pay and Google Pay into your customer group and in-app transactions. These transactions are absorbed into your existing merchant fees. Depending on your EFTPOS payment provider and business preference, transaction fees may be charged as a percentage rate (varying by card type), a single flat rate for most popular credit and debit cards, or as part of a monthly merchant plan based on anticipated transaction volume. So, it’s best to check with your payment provider for their specific fees.



We take a 1.90% commission on every transaction placed on our platform. with a 1.90% commission rate, the commission on a $1 transaction would be $0.02.

between 1.90% and 3.50% plus 9 cents

For merchant PayPal issues a chargeback fee - $20. Additionally, PayPal charges an extra 1.50% for international transactions.

From 2.9% plus 30 cents

For merchant Stripe issue a chargeback fee - $15. Additionally, Stripe charges an extra 1% for international cards, plus 1% if currency conversion is required.

$0.30 flat fee plus 4 - 6% of each sale

For merchant Afterpay charges merchants a $0.30 flat fee plus 4-6% of each sale. Afterpay also charges a $15 chargeback fee per chargeback

Commonwealth Bank
from 1.50% plus $0.25

Commonwealth Bank charges merchants from 1.50% per sale plus $0.25 flat fee or a fixed monthly fee of $29.50 USD.

National Australia Bank
from 1.50% plus $0.30

National Australia Bank charges merchants from 1.50% per sale plus $0.30 flat fee or a fixed monthly fee of $30.00.

Westpac Bank

Westpac Bank's PayWay is a simple, secure, internet-based solution that helps you to better manage cash flow and customer payments.

ANZ Bank
ANZ Bank and Worldline have partnered to offer best-in-class payment solutions to Australian businesses like yours.
Australian Post BillPay

Post Billpay is Australia’s leading multi-channel bill payment solution that is cost-effective and easy-to-use.