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In APP Touch Beat SMS for Security

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In APP Touch beats SMS for Security

In APP Touch Beat SMS

in app touch people are working together In APP Touch beats SMS for Security


As seasoned professionals in the cybersecurity field, we confirm without hesitation that instant group messaging solutions like IN App Touch significantly excel over traditional SMS when it comes to maintaining group communication security. Here’s why:


Understanding Why Hackers Find SMS Phishing Irresistible:


Surprisingly, despite its distinct security shortcomings, SMS continues to serve as a lucrative hunting ground for hackers due to several influencing factors:


Ubiquity: The virtually universal availability of SMS-enabled mobile phones equates to an unlimited, expansive pool of potential victims for hackers.

Awareness Deficit: A considerable number of users remain oblivious to SMS vulnerabilities or possess inadequate cybersecurity knowledge, thereby streamlining the hackers’ target selection process.

Emotional Manipulation: Phishing scams frequently leverage emotional triggers such as urgency or fear of loss to ensnare users into interacting with harmful links or disclosing sensitive personal information.

Ease of Spoofing: With minimal effort, hackers can forge sender IDs, creating a false impression of messages originating from established sources, further facilitating their deceptive practices.



in app touch teamwork concept people work INAPPTouch beats SMS for Security


INAppTouch: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity in Messaging Applications Over Vulnerable SMS



The Security Showdown: IN App Touch vs. SMS


Unlike the SMS system, which lacks strict identity verification mechanisms, every business is obligated to validate its identity within the IN App Touch application before initiation. This rigorous method of verification plays a crucial role in filtering out potential impostors and phishing scams, substantiating only legitimate businesses. Consequently, it significantly enhances business authenticity and fosters trust amongst its users.


Unraveling the Encryption Edge:


IN App Touch: We fortify the data during transmission using advanced encryption and store sensitive personal information in our secure cloud storage encrypted with advanced encryption technology. This dual barrier of security makes it exceptionally difficult for hackers to intercept and decode your messages, even if they attempt to penetrate the application’s servers.


SMS: The absence of encryption in SMS is roughly equivalent to sending your communications as postcards – anyone with network access can effortlessly read your messages. This exposure is particularly enticing to hackers actively seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information like passwords or credit card details.


The Might of Multi-Factor Authentication:


IN App Touch: As part of our robust security measures, we’ve integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA), adding an essential security layer beyond just passwords. This feature typically involves the generation of a temporary verification code triggered on an alternate device, significantly minimizing the risk of unwelcome intrusions.


SMS: In contrast, SMS relies heavily on password protection, making it frighteningly vulnerable to brute-force attacks and phishing scams that seize user login credentials.


Potential of Granular Control:


IN App Touch: In our messaging application, we offer detailed control over group discussions. You can readily customise group settings, limit membership, flag messages as spam, mute, or expel offending users. This advanced level of management encourages a secure and well-contained dialogue.


SMS: The gravely limited control in the realm of SMS becomes painfully apparent when a message gets delivered. Once sent, it becomes universally accessible to anyone equipped with the recipient’s phone number.


Superiority of Content Filters:


IN App Touch: Our innovative messaging application employs content filters capable of detecting and flagging dubious messages. Such proactive measures can protect users from falling prey to cunning phishing scams or malware attacks within group conversations.


SMS: Regrettably, such protection is absent in SMS, leaving users the daunting task of independently verifying the legitimacy of links and attachments, making them an easy target for malicious content.

Targeted Communication with InAPPTouch

Modern business focus instant group messaging applications like IN App Touch stand out as a secure and trustworthy mode of communication in comparison to rudimentary SMS. Packed with enhanced encryption capabilities, multi-factor authentication, and granular controls, they impressively thwart hackers’ attempts to snoop or exploit inherent security loopholes.


While SMS may offer basic communication functionality, its glaring security deficit makes it an irresistible hotbed for phishing scams and other cyber threats. For a secure, private, and empowered group communication experience, it’s critical that we renounce the insecure, wide-open construct of SMS and wholeheartedly adopt the strongly fortified haven that contemporary messaging applications offer.


Ditch the risky SMS text and embrace the encrypted InAPPTouch. In APP Touch Beat SMS for Security, messaging is built for businesses. Targeted customer communication with InAPPTouch.

In APP Touch Beat SMS


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In APP Touch, ditch the email chaos and scammy sms. Businesses can boost sales, slash costs, and delight customers with secure, targeted group messaging. Consumers can score exclusive deals and stay informed directly from their favorite brands. No spam, no scams, just trusted connections.



Do you need to integrate a chat feature into your business? We can help you implement it in In APP Touch.

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