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Frequently Asked Questions

User Account Management

  • How to delete your account in app?
    1. Open the App: Locate and launch the app you want to delete your account from.
    2. Access Account Settings
    3. Look for Delete Your Account Option
    4. Confirm Deletion: Tapping the delete option.


  • Android – App is not loading

    This might be because the setting to open links directly in apps is disabled. Let's check two ways to enable it:

    1. Using System Settings:

    Open Settings. (This icon usually looks like gears)

    Find App management or Apps & notifications (depending on your phone).

    Look for Default apps.

    Tap on Opening links.

    Make sure Enable instant apps is turned on.

    2. Using the App Itself (for apps like InAppTouch):

    Long press the InAppTouch icon on your home screen.

    Tap on App info.

    Go to Open by default.

    Choose Open supported links.

    You'll see two options:

    Open in this app: This will always open links in InAppTouch.

    Always ask: This will prompt you each time whether to open the link in InAppTouch or your default browser.

InAppTouch Wiki and FAQ