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InAppTouch Group Ticketing

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InAppTouch Group Ticketing

Enhancing Superior Customer Experience with InAppTouch Group Ticketing

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Optimizing Customer Retention with In-App Touch’s Ticketing Feature


As a business owner, ensuring the happiness and loyalty of my customers has always been a paramount concern. In an era where consumer needs are increasingly dynamic, it was InAppTouch’s Instant Group Support Ticketing feature that truly helped revolutionize our approach to customer service.


Customer retention acts as a major profit booster, with studies suggesting a 5% increase can translate to a whopping 25-95% growth in your company’s revenue over time. This translates to several key benefits: reduced costs associated with acquiring new customers; increased opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to existing customers; and fostering positive word-of-mouth that attracts new customers organically. Ultimately, by prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty, you’re not just building strong relationships, you’re building a stronger bottom line. You can learn more from Forbe here: Customer Retention Versus Customer Acquisition.


Boost customer loyalty with InAppTouch’s group ticketing feature. Ideal for optimizing customer retention and providing a superior experience.


Here’s a deeper look into how it drastically outperforms conventional methods:


Minimizing Spend: Research indicates that winning over new customers can be 5–25 times more expensive than retaining current ones. With InAppTouch, we managed to foster a loyal customer base and curtail customer attrition, leading to significant cost savings.


Easy upselling and cross-selling: Customers pleased with your service are more likely to be receptive to other offerings. This effective ticketing system enables us to simultaneously address multiple customer inquiries, thereby freeing resources for upselling and cross-selling opportunities, showcasing another facet of its efficiency.


Superior Customer Experience: Rapid solutions define a satisfying customer experience. InAppTouch offers the capacity to promptly and effectively respond to queries, even if the solution takes time. An instant acknowledgment, like a simple “we’ve received your message,” can make a world of difference, while projected resolution times help in setting achievable expectations.


Creating Brand Advocates: With swift and tailored attention, customers feel valued, motivating them to endorse your brand within their networks. This organic word-of-mouth marketing is indispensable for sustained business expansion.


Why InAppTouch’s group ticketing trumps email and SMS:


Real-time Engagement: In contrast to email and SMS, which may experience delays and app transitioning, InAppTouch ensures instant communication within your app, enhancing user engagement and reducing potential exasperation.


Relevant Support: With substantial in-app context, InAppTouch delivers timely and effective assistance. Imagine a customer encountering an issue within a particular feature – they can solicit support within that context via InAppTouch, saving precious time and effort.


Team Collaboration: InAppTouch streamlines communication between your team members and customers, fostering faster problem resolutions and eliminating lengthy email threads or fragmented SMS interactions.


Superior Organization: Group ticketing with InAppTouch centralizes all communications, ensuring no requests are overlooked. This streamlines the support process, augmenting overall efficacy.


Establishing Trust: InAppTouch allows customers to retain a history of their support interactions, offering them easy access to past resolutions and information. This transparency underlines our commitment to ongoing customer delight and builds enduring trust.


Fraud Prevention:  InAppTouch enhances customer security by detecting suspicious activities and encrypting personal data, creating a secure platform for interactions. The centralized communication feature confines all activities within your app’s groups, negating potential threats from deceptive third-party emails or SMS messages. Further fortification comes from InAppTouch’s in-built user verification, which aligns seamlessly with your system to curb the incursion of unauthorized users, effectively reducing spam and securing a safe environment for your customers.


By harnessing the innovative features of InAppTouch’s group ticketing system, we have been not only able to enhance customer loyalty and growth but also foster a secure customer experience. Combating spam, stopping scams, and placing our valued customers’ security at the forefront positions our brand as a reliable and trustworthy choice for them.


Take control of your customer community. InAppTouch: Grow Your Business. Engage, Retain, Convert


InAppTouch Group Ticketing


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In APP Touch, ditch the email chaos and scammy sms. Businesses can boost sales, slash costs, and delight customers with secure, targeted group messaging. Consumers can score exclusive deals and stay informed directly from their favorite brands. No spam, no scams, just trusted connections.



Do you need to integrate a chat feature into your business? We can help you implement it in In APP Touch.

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