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Hiding Customer Data on Frontend: InAppTouch

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Hiding Customer Data on Frontend

Benefits of Hiding Customer Data on the Frontend

Hiding Customer Data on Frontend


inapptouch internet cloud computing Hiding Customer Data on the Frontend


The Implications of Hiding Sensitive Customer Data on Frontend Systems With Asterisks



As our digital era’s complexities evolve, service providers are increasingly entrusted with sensitive customer information. Protecting this data, particularly on front-end systems, has become an immensely significant aspect of data security. One commonly implemented method is the masking of inputted data with symbols like asterisks (*).

Why is this technique crucial, and what risks do we face when neglecting this standard? This article aims to explore these questions, comparing the threat landscape with and without the shielding of customer data.


Protect against Hacking and Theft

Hiding sensitive customer data on the front end protects your data.

If your account has been hacked or stolen, minimizing data exposure on the front end can help mitigate the damage.


Protecting privacy and sensitive information:

Every day, customers enter various pieces of sensitive data into online platforms, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security IDs. Without a method in place to obscure these details as they are inputted, each keystroke renders users susceptible to data violations.

Concealing such data using asterisks or similar indicators is beyond a mere aesthetic measure. It primarily serves as a security curtain that deters prying eyes from directly seeing or stealing this information. Unshielded, every information exchange can potentially turn into a goldmine for data thieves aiming to exploit unprotected user data.


The Risk of Shoulder Surfing:

Shoulder surfing is a type of social engineering attack where someone tries to steal your personal information by peeking over your shoulder while you’re using a computer, phone, or ATM. They’re hoping to catch a glimpse of your PIN, password, credit card number, or other sensitive data.

We may paint a picture of cybercrime as a dark, sophisticated operation happening in secret spaces. However, data theft can occur in the most mundane and unexpected circumstances, like “shoulder surfing.” This seemingly outdated method, involving someone stealing information by glancing over your shoulder, continues to present a real-time risk.

That often underestimated glance over your shoulder during data entry could lead to a literal leak of information. By masking sensitive data with asterisks, the potential insecurity posed by shoulder surfing is reduced, providing another layer of real-world security. Without this protective layer, users are exposed to unnecessary security risks, even in seemingly safe environments.


Regulatory Compliance:

Regulatory compliance is not merely a hoop for corporations to jump through. It is an essential part of our digital ecosystem, particularly in industries dealing with vast amounts of sensitive user data. Several data privacy laws and regulations worldwide make obscuring techniques a standard requirement.

Non-compliance with these laws, due to not having asterisk protection or similar masking means, can lead to severe consequences, from hefty fines to damaging legal actions. It makes the adoption of obscuring methods a strategic move beyond its security implications, aiding companies to stay in line with regulatory mandates.


Trust Building:

A visible effort in data security translates into perceived trustworthiness for users. When a user sees their data obscured as they type, it creates an immediate sensation of security, fostering a feeling of value and respect for their privacy. This active demonstration of data protection helps build and maintain users’ trust.

In contrast, the absence of such hiding protocols may raise red flags for users, affecting the platform’s credibility. Ensuring trust through simple, user-facing data security measures ultimately enhances the user experience, translating into consumer loyalty and engagement.


Hiding Customer Data on InAppTouch:


InAppTouch protect privacy


Therefore, obscuring sensitive personal data on the front end with an asterisk or similar symbols is a pillar of data security we implemented on the In App Touch front-end system. It provides our users with a sense of protection, mitigates security risks, and helps us maintain regulatory compliance.

Its absence can unnecessarily expose users to a range of privacy threats while also damaging any platform’s trustworthiness. As we advance further into the digital era, workshops on such essential data protection measures encapsulate a sign of due diligence and respect for the digital rights of our users.


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hiding Customer Data on Frontend


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