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Combatting Gift Card Scams: The Empowering Role of InAppTouch

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Combatting Gift Card Scams

Safeguarding Against Gift Card Scams with InAppTouch

A User-Centric Approach

Combatting Gift Card Scams

Combatting Gift Card Scams discount and loyalty program


How InAppTouch is Restoring Trust


It’s become all too common these days – gift card scams that leave unsuspecting consumers out of pocket and erode trust between businesses and their customers. Whether it’s fraudsters demanding payment by gift card or counterfeit cards being passed off as the real thing, these deceptive tactics are causing real harm.


The ACCC reports that gift card scams are on the rise, with victims losing millions. It’s a troubling trend that’s damaging the hard-earned bonds businesses work so hard to build with their customers. Something needs to be done. This article from Your IT and Tech Mates ( provides an eye-opening perspective on the problem and shares valuable tips to stand up against these scams.


Enter InAppTouch – a platform that’s offering businesses a powerful solution to combat gift card fraud and rebuild that all-important customer trust. At the heart of it are private customer chat groups, which are proving to be a game-changer.


Creating a Vigilant Community

By setting up a secure, members-only chat group with InAppTouch, businesses can quickly share the latest intel on gift card scams. As customers contribute their own experiences, it becomes a true community watch, with everyone on high alert and ready to call out suspicious activity.


Instant Warnings and Education

The private group setting allows companies to instantly warn customers about emerging gift card threats. But it’s not just about the alerts – it’s also an educational hub. Customers can take part in online seminars, Q&As and video tutorials to learn how to spot and avoid scams. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.


A Trusted, Moderated Space

Strict moderation is crucial to maintaining that all-important sense of trust. Group administrators promptly remove any suspicious links or offers, while continuously reminding customers to keep personal information under wraps. It’s a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing and heeding scam warnings.


Going Beyond Chat

InAppTouch takes things a step further with integrated features for checking gift card authenticity and making purchases right within the private group. Talk about convenience and security in one neat package! Customers can verify cards, top-up balances, and make new purchases without ever having to venture outside the safe confines of the community.


The beauty of it all is that businesses get more control over the process. They can monitor trends, offer tailored support, and make data-driven decisions to continually improve the system. And for customers, it means peace of mind and a renewed sense of trust in the brands they love.


In these uncertain times, protecting that precious customer-business relationship has never been more important. InAppTouch is providing the tools to do just that – shielding consumers from gift card scams and restoring confidence, one chat at a time.


Take control of your customer community with In-App Touch. InAppTouch is built for your business.



Combatting Gift Card Scams


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